Global Day!

In December we have our yearly Global Day. It is a day to promote international awareness and all IB classes work together in a creative way.

One of IB’s mission is develop the students’ creative sides as well as their thinking and reflective skills, and also, make students aware about global issues and be familiar with other cultures. This is what we do on Global Day. It is a day to combine the creativity in CAS, the thinking skills in TOK and the attributes in the IB Learner Profile.

Since IB this year celebrates its 50th anniversary the theme of the Global Day was past, present and future. The students could choose subtheme, for example, war and conflicts, IB Learner Profile – which attributes were valued in the past, and which will be valued in the future?, architecture, music, environmental issues, etc. They could also choose how to present the work of the day – as a movie, digital poster, role play or podcast.

It is a day of fun and joy, and everyone did fantastic presentations. I am extremely impressed by the creativity of everyone.

Here is one of the three movies we had the pleasure to watch:

Pictures can you see on Sannarp’s blog.

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