CAS fair 2019

Yesterday our students had their yearly CAS-fair. CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service, where the students are doing creative projects, some sports activities and also projects which involves that you do something for someone else, such as charity. You are kind of free to choose what you prefer to do, but the aim is to learn something, either new or something about yourself.

IB’s mission is not only to give you an excellent academic educations, which gives you the opportunity to apply for any university in the world, but also let you grow as a person. The subject CAS is one factor of this development, but also TOK and the so called IB Learner Profile.

Our CAS fair showed examples on projects with a school in Senegal, to let the girls in that school get a better education in English, art, music performances, a growing You Tube channel, baking and selling for charity, amongst various of sports activities.

Thank you everyone for an awesome CAS fair!

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